Russell currently runs three one-hour classes at the Albany Centre, Bristol. To sign up for a class simply click on the one you want and mail us an enquiry.

The classes are kept to a maximum of 12 students to ensure that everyone gets adequate attention. Russell trained with the Scott Studio and part of their philosophy is to ensure that classes are small for this reason. From time-to-time Russell will be assisted by Pilates matwork trainees from The Independent Pilates Teachers Association, of which he is a member.

We often get requests for classes due to a recommendation for medical reasons, and we are happy to consider all referrals. If this is the case, then a letter from your Referrer would be beneficial, and Russell can discuss any concerns with you before the block commences. As Russell is also a medical doctor, he will endeavour to understand any issues, and aim to adapt the class as much as possible to suit the needs of the individual, whilst still maintaining a full class for everyone.

The classes are run in blocks of six weeks, with a fee of £36 for the block, paid in advance.

Classes are offered to current clients in the first instance and then opened up to people who have added their name to our waiting list.


Monday @ 7pm

Advanced Pilates Matwork


Monday @ 8pm

Intermediate Pilates Matwork


Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Beginners Pilates Matwork